Apr 26 2009

Up Up and Away!

On Friday, the fine folks at Disney’s Pixar Studios set up a promotion for the ages! The point was to advertise their upcoming release of the film “Up,” the tale of a guy who attaches a zillion balloons to his house and lifts off into the air, kind of fun eh? So, to celebrate the concept, members of the press were invited to recreate the event– sitting in a Barcalounger attached to helium balloons at Gas Works Park in Seattle. Seriously, just like the stunt of a guy in California who did the same thing (albeit less planned out) that was published all over the internet years ago. In our case we were tethered to the ground but still able to go quite a ways up. I can’t wait to see the video footage of this one. The film is due out on May 29th by the way.

High above Gas Works Park in a Bacalounger! Awesome!

High above Gas Works Park in a Bacalounger! Awesome!

Apr 8 2009

The First Blog Post

More will appear here. Wings are just starting to grow. A little patience please.