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11th September
written by Adam

Burn After Reading
A recently fired CIA analyst (John Malkovich) decides to write and publish his memoirs while his wife (Tilda Swinton) plots the couples divorce and plans to run off with her lover (George Clooney). Meanwhile, the memoirs accidentally make their way into the hands of two fitness professionals (Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand) who plan to sell the information to the Russian government. Chaos ensues in a way that only the Coen brothers can create. Fantastic acting and comedic character study of strange people pushed to extremes. Not too dissimilar from Fargo but with the added bonus of espionage. Perhaps not the strength of No Country for Old Men, but still quite enjoyable. Worth seeing. Burn After Reading is rated R.

Righteous Kill
Two grizzled New York Cops (Al Pacino and Robert De Niro), partners for decades, are forced to investigate each other in this topsy turvey action thriller. On the positive side Pacino and De Niro are right in the wheel house of their acting abilities, and seeing the two on screen together is always a pleaser. Unfortunately an unimaginative script keeps this potential gem from really shining. A lack of interesting visuals also continues to make this film a bit of a chore. Maybe worthy of a rental at a later date. Righteous Kill is rated R.

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