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19th February
written by Adam

When a patient vanishes from her cell at a maximum security mental hospital U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) takes a particular interest in the case. Upon his arrival at Shutter Island, home to some of the worst mental cases and criminal minds in the nation, things seem off. It appears as though everyone on the island has been coached or silenced and is in on some sort of greater conspiracy, the doctors, the patients, the guards, everyone. Before long Teddy realizes the further he and his partner Chuck (Mark Ruffalo) dig into the affairs of Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley), the less likely it will be that he ever leaves the island. Meanwhile, several burning questions remain, what’s Teddy’s ulterior motive for coming to the island, how will he ever cope with the loss of his wife, and, who and where is patient number 67? shutter-island-poster Directed by acclaimed director Martin Scorsese, the art of the psychological suspense thriller is invigorated. And, the twisting unapologetic screenplay based on the novel by Dennis Lehane promises to keep audiences guessing right up until the bitter end. All of the actors involved give top notch performances, DiCaprio in particular offers perhaps the best we’ve seen of him yet. Although before this turns into a total love fest for the film, it should be pointed out that some questionable cinematography choices do make the first 20 minutes of the film a bit rough. Attempts at being artistic end up calling attention to themselves and detracting from the overall experience by pulling the viewer out of the narrative. A stronger choice of score would have also helped the overall ambience of the film. Regardless, fans of the genre will find plenty to appreciate. Worth Seeing. Shutter Island is rated R.

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