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18th June
written by Adam

Now years since the first Toy Story, Andy (John Morris), the owner of many toys is a grown young man and headed to college, his toys are headed to the attic for storage. But wait, not so fast, a rough turn of events instead puts the toys into the brutal hands of the children at the Sunshine Daycare. Now locked up in a prison-like institution ruled by the tyrannical Lotsa the Bear (Ned Beatty), Woody (Tom Hanks) Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and the rest of the gang must bust out and find their way home before Andy leaves for school. Will they make it, or will they end up as fodder for the land fill? Simply put, Disney’s Pixar doesn’t make bad films, even at their weakest, they’re still pretty good. And, even though this is the third time we return to the well on this franchise, somehow the writers have managed to keep the recurring Incredible Journey-esque plot and subplots entertaining. Multilayered humor makes for an enjoyable watch for all ages with plenty of laugh out loud moments; and, with a runtime that doesn’t overstay its welcome, the film rounds out just right. I wouldn’t really bother seeing the film in 3D since there’s no point to it, but the film overall is definitely worth seeing. Toy Story 3 is rated G.

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