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17th May
written by Adam

Dictator General Admiral Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) of the Republic of Wadiya (a fictitious North African country rich with oil) is set for a visit to the U.S. in a false effort to appear peaceful in front of the U.N.. But, in a strange twist of unbelievable events Aladeen finds himself replaced by a body double; meanwhile, Aladeen’s brother Tamir (Sir Ben Kingsley), has plans to overthrow the republic and install democracy, export oil, and lead a puppet government for his own gain. Now it’s up to Aladeen to find his own way back into power and continue the oppression of the Wadiyan people. But what of his love for Zoey (Anna Faris), an empowered woman fighting for liberal justice, so many difficult choices to make, how will Aladeen pull it off? Ah, satire, a dish best served cold, and Baron Cohen hands it out liberally poking and prodding at just about every fascist, dictator, liberal, conservative, communist, and everything else in between. Plus, dashes from some of Hollywood’s racier comedian actors, Bobby Lee, and John C. Riley come to mind, the table seems set for a comedic smorgasbord. And that happens….sort of…in a confusing manner. It’s as though for all of his intelligence, wit, and humor that hits 1000 on the truth-o-meter, Baron Cohen still feels compelled to drop the humor I.Q. to one tick above broccoli with cheap and tasteless blue jokes that’ll drive ‘mericans wild, the kind of humor that the lowest common denominator will just suck up like a sponge. Still, there’s barely enough material to make a reasonably entertaining film 83 minutes long. Maybe a matinee but really more of a rental. The Dictator is rated R.

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