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16th May
written by Adam

When a high level intelligence member of Star Fleet (Benedict Cumberbatch) turns coats and begins a one man war against humanity Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) is tapped to lead his team into a warzone and put an end to the battle. But with ethical dilemmas at hand and Mr. Spock’s (Zachary Quinto) insistence, Kirk and crew discover the battle they’re fighting may in fact be misguided. Who’s the real enemy and to what lengths will each member of the USS Enterprise have to go to prevent a galactic battle of epic proportions?STID Directed by Sci-Fi visionary J.J. Abrams this recreated cast of beloved characters continues in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, with a twist of course. And, with acting from the principal ensemble living up to expectations, fans of the original cast will find plenty to smile about. Nods and references to previous Star Trek plotlines also make for extra levity. Although, overall pacing hits a few lulls with stale exposition and drawn out bro-mance moments. As far as overall plot points go this isn’t a terribly deep or philosophical head trip. But fear not, to counteract all of this and reassuring us of Kirk’s manliness comes the answer to every fan boy’s question “What’s the official Star Fleet underwear look like?” A totally gratuitous and laughable moment between a semi naked Alice Eve and Pine shows us– a bit on the nose, thanks J.J. now I can sleep at night. Of course we also get the obligatory and controversial J.J. lens flare effect that was overused in the last Star Trek film, but what’s new? Meanwhile, well done effects/CGI and a charging score makes for a full sensory experience; 3D effects however do nothing or very little. Regardless, It’s big, bold, fun and worth your while. Star Trek Into Darkness is rated PG-13.

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