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14th February
written by Adam

The Butterfield family has had a difficult few years since the death of their oldest son. In particular, the beautiful and intelligent daughter Jade (Gabriella Wilde), seemed to drop off the social map all together. But, despite her efforts to disappear David (Alex Pettyfer), the hunky heartbreaker, noticed her anyway. Before long a love forbid by Jade’s father (Bruce Greenwood) burns strong on the summer before college. But did you miss the title? This is Endless Love people! Fires, car crashes, run in’s with the police, nothing can stop this flame from burning on. Or can it?endlesslove So wow, how to describe this any better? Well, there isn’t a single shred of originality in any part of this film; so, if you’re looking to awards points for creativity look elsewhere. But don’t let that shortcoming dissuade you, there’s still something here, that is if you’re looking for a mind numbing sappy love story that drags on; no crime in that mind you. From an acting perspective, you could certainly do worse. And yet, while all the nuts and bolts appear to be here, it’s unfortunate the general writing is so vapid. Good luck holding down your Valentine candy on this one. Endless Love is rated PG-13.

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