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17th September
written by Adam

After the death of their oldest son in the Middle East, the Peterson family, still grieving, is blessed with the presence of David (Dan Stevens), a strangely polite, robotic, and handsome soldier who claims to be a friend of the family’s recently departed son. But, when strange deaths start occurring around individuals associated with the family, Anna (Maika Monroe), the Peterson’s daughter begins to suspect David’s involvement. What’s really going on? Who or what is David, and why is the government so bent on silencing his actions? theguest Written by Simon Barrett Directed by Adam Wingard (V/H/S/, You’re Next), this 80’s stylized thriller shows us that it doesn’t take big budgets and heaps of special effects to keep audience’s on the edge of their seats; in fact, in this case, less is definitely more. However, the real praises go to Stevens, whose subtle and haunting performance creeps slowly under the skin, leaving the audience feeling just a little less safe stepping outside the theatre. Solid, tension and relief breathes throughout playing on our previously conditioned 1980’s expectations of monsters and bad guys, and, with a score that rings of Casio supreme no detail has been spared. Want to get your spook on early for Halloween, here’s an early contender. The Guest is rated R.

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