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9th January
written by Adam

Drifting between clarity and a drug induced haze that was the 70’s, Private Investigator Larry “Doc” Sportello (Joaquin Pheonix) is called into action when a former girlfriend, Shasta (Katherine Waterson), goes missing with real estate tycoon Michael Z. Wolfmann (Eric Roberts). Meanwhile, Lt. Detective Bigfoot (Josh Brolin) has an interrupting crime fighting agenda of his own. Will Sportello manage to solve his mystery before Bigfoot makes more trouble and all is lost?vice With hints of a Hunter S. Thompson adventure yet based on the novel of Thomas Pynchon, Director Paul Thomas Anderson has created an interesting mix of impeccably fast and sharp dialogue mixed with a slow burning story that smolders and smokes but never seems to erupt into an inferno blaze. While oddly shaped characters fill our minds, the ensemble does a fantastic job melting into their misshapen figures; and, for those in the mood to take a swim in the chaos of L.A.’s ridiculous underbelly circa 1970 whilst on peyote, look no further, you’ve found your escape, grab your swim trunks and that baseball bat over there in the corner, you might just need it, you might also just wind up confused, so there’s that. Worthy of at least your matinee dollar Inherent Vice is rated R.

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