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13th October
written by Adam

In the 1930’s and 40’s professor William Marston (Luke Evans), his brilliant wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and their mistress Olive (Bella Heathcoste) would lay the groundwork supported by psychological theory for the most successful female superhero to date, Wonder Woman, this is their story. Written and Directed by Angela Robinson this simple yet compelling story of the complexities behind Wonder Woman, the personalities that helped shape her character, and the unconventional relationship that to this day would raise more than a few eyebrows offers great insight into our nation’s psyche then and now. Balanced and delicate portrayals from the ensemble go further to offer intelligent conversation fodder on human sexuality, eroticism, feminism, and women’s rights. While not necessarily a feel good film through and through and steering clear of a large portion of melodrama the overall story and its historical significance, especially in the 21st century where many of the same themes are still alive today, makes for a scholarly view to our apparent failure to learn from our past mistakes. There’s a lot to like here, worthy of your matinee dollar, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is rated R.

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