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21st June
written by Adam

It’s been many years since Woody (Tom Hanks) and the rest of the toys were passed from Andy to a new owner, Bonnie (Madeline McGraw), and, with Bonnie headed off to school soon, there’s a growing sense of uneasiness with the gang. Adding to their chagrin, the introduction of Bonnie’s newest toy “Forky” (Tony Hale) signals a clear turning of the tides. Relevancy, love, mid-life crisis and keeping up with progress are just some of the challenges the toys will face, ultimately, big decisions will have to be made. Written by a team of masterful writers and Directed by Josh Cooley, Pixar continues it’s reign in emotionally intelligent, thoughtful, and hilarious storytelling, layering honest and real human ethos and pathos into lovable, relatable toys– each lead challenged with good and bad choices but ultimately a decision that must transcend their current position altogether, smart. Furthermore, the entire cast meets and beats expectations matching sentimentality with fantastic new characters and delivery to boot. And, if that isn’t enough, advances in technology have made for even more impressive animation textures and visual bang in this latest installment. Serving well as a fantastic pause point or final chapter, Toy Story 4 is on track to become a fast favorite in the franchise. Rated G.

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