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27th July
written by Adam

Emily (Kathryn McCormick), is an aspiring dance student and daughter of millionaire hotel developer William Anderson (Peter Gallagher), both have recently relocated to Miami. Upon her arrival she quickly falls in with Sean (Ryan Guzman), a server in one of Anderson’s hotels. Secretly, Sean happens to be one of the leaders of “The Mob,” a group of talented dancers and performance artists trying to make their mark on the City. Love is in the air; and, before long Emily and Sean are dancing up a storm, until news comes out that Mr. Anderson’s firm plans to level the neighborhood The Mob calls home. Their relationship is on the rocks, The Mob in shambles, and still the question how to stop development? One word….DANCE! Taking note that the screenplay for this dub step eyegasm was probably only about 30 pages long (short by all standards); it seems as though the writers, choreographers, and directors of this franchise have received the message loud and clear, MORE dancing LESS talking. This is a good thing, mainly because the acting from this ensemble is all so bad and written so poorly, it basically serves as a loose thread to tie one dance to the next; but, the dancing is actually pretty impressive and well shot. So, from an artistic point of view the film actually isn’t half bad. If you can just get past the camp factor and urge to groan out loud you might actually let this one pass as a matinee. Step Up Revolution is rated PG-13.

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