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24th August
written by Adam

He is arguably one of the best protest folk musicians of the 1960’s you’ve never heard of; and, in the early 1970’s after putting out two poorly received albums he vanished in the United States amid rumors of an on stage suicide. Meanwhile in South Africa his music was exploding as apartheid was coming to a close. Nearly thirty years later two musical detectives would go in search of the artist known as Rodriguez, where did he go, what was the full story, what was his undoing? To their surprise, they were more than successful, while unearthing the truth they managed to actually find their icon, this documentary is their and his story. A Cinderella story with a killer sound track, this absolutely unbelievable but true tale will have you smiling in disbelief at the wonder of how such things are ever possible. Somewhere between VH1’s behind the music and rock solid story telling Director Malik Bendelloul hits chords high and low to evoke emotions you likely haven’t felt in ages. A testament to how close but still so far away we really are, the mind boggles what further revelations are yet to come as the earth becomes increasingly more interconnected. This is a must see for fans of music. Searching for Sugar man is rated PG-13.
To hear clips of Rodriguez and Director Malick Bendelloul talking about music and the film, take a listen to this:

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