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31st August
written by Adam

In the time of gangsters and prohibition, Franklin County Virginia may have been the wettest county in the world. In Franklin the art of moonshining was raised to a new level of refined spirits; at the top of it all was one family, the indestructible Bondurant brothers: Forrest, Howard, and Jack (Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, and Shia LaBeouf). So, as the new deputy, Charlies Rakes (Guy Pearce), steps on to the scene and expects a cut of the action, the chess board is set for a bloody standoff. Witness to the mayhem are the women who love two of the brothers, Maggie and Bertha (Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska), and the ingenious inventor Cricket Pate (Dane DeHaan). As the noose tightens, all associated are in danger, lawmen and outlaw alike. Who will prevail, and over what principles? Based on the true story of the Bondurant family and adapted for screen by none other than the counter cultural phenom from down under known as Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat, this dark and moody period piece combines one part western, one part mob flick, two parts thick drama, and one part violence to make for a white lighting strength cocktail that will knock your socks off. And, while I had my reservations about LaBeouf they were quickly cast aside, surrounded by all the talent in this film including powerhouse Gary Oldman, LaBeouf’s spotted past is clearly that, part of his past and not necessarily his future. The rest of the ensemble offer up nothing but gold. And, with sharp art direction and unsettling musical scoring from Cave, the rest of the picture rounds out to be one of the best this summer. Worth it! Lawless is rated R.

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