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1st February
written by Adam

Following an outbreak of a zombie virus, R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie with a strange and dapper sense of chic falls in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer), daughter of the crazed and zombie hating Grigio (John Malkovich). Confused and disturbed by the prospect, Julie doesn’t quite know what to make of the situation. Still, with the help of best friend, M (Rob Corddry), R eventually wins the heart of Julie, but who knew zombie love could be so complicated? How to convince Grigio to accept the fact that zombies have feelings too, and what about love in the hearts of the undead? Great things could come from all of this. warm_bodies Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette takes on a new twist in this cleverly written romantic comedy from Director and Co-writer Jonathan Levine (50/50). Wry wit and just the right amount quirk make for plenty of playful pokes in the eye for zombie lovers. Hoult and Palmer carry their parts aptly, and of course, setting up John Malkovich to be a bit “unhinged” never fails, Corddry for further comedic relief is also appreciated. CGI involved isn’t anything to rave about but is easy enough to overlook. And, not to overstay its welcome, at 97 minutes of runtime we’re given just enough to be satiated. Warm Bodies is rated PG-13.

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