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1st February
written by Adam

Mobster/con man from days gone by, Val (Al Pacino), is set free from 28 years in prison and greeted by life long friend and partner in crime, Doc (Christopher Walken). Although, Doc has actually been sent with orders to kill Val. Wrestling with the concept of killing one of his oldest friends, Doc opts to take Val out for one more wild night on the town. Along the way the two rescue their third wheel, Hirsch (Alan Arkin). Out for a good time, the men/boys do what they do best, raising a ruckus and opting to “kick ass” instead of “chewing gum.” But as dawn comes, the gravity of Doc’s orders comes into view, to kill a friend or forever be on the run from boss, Claphands (Mark Margolis), perhaps there’s another option? StandUpGuysColorPoster Directed by Fisher Stevens and written by Noah Haidle Stand Up Guys is certainly aimed with the intention of fun, and it’s safe to say just watching Pacino, Walken, and Arkin in a room together without a script would be a treat in and of itself; but, all too often the screenplay feels like a poorly tailored suit for these three greats, relying on what feels like cliché dialogue and half baked character development. Plus direct pulls from other pop culture icons, Banksy and Tom Waits come to mind, leaves the originality of this one in question; a shame otherwise considering the sum of the parts. A solid rental for the fun of it, Stand Up Guys is rated R.

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