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8th February
written by Adam

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) is an accountant working at a large firm, plain and simple. Sandy’s home life includes a wife (Amanda Peet) and two darling children, there is nothing alarming about any of this. But, when his line of credit suddenly turns sour and warrants are made for his arrest, life gets a whole lot more exciting. As it turns out a woman by the assumed name Diana (Melissa McCarthy), has stolen Sandy’s identity and taken his good name for a destructive joy ride. Determined to clear his name and bring this thief in for prosecution, Sandy takes matters into his own hands– he’ll have to bring Diana to the police himself, and cue the fireworks to ensue.identity-thief-posterSadly, for as much promise as Bateman and McCarthy have together, and they do have good chemistry, the script they’re given to work with doesn’t really allow the two to really live up to their potential. Formulaic and mindless setups drop the pulse to a near flatline leaving the final product D.O.A. From a production standpoint the film comes off slick, so there’s a plus, and getting to see bounty hunters of various ilk played by Robert Patrick, T.I., and Genesis Rodriguez does make for some of the more interesting parts of the film. Consider this a rental when you’re really at a low for entertainment value. Identity Thief is rated R.

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