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22nd March
written by Adam

Based on the iconic Kerouac book by the same name, the beginnings of the beat movement are outlined and personified. Told in a drug-induced stream of conscious blur with poetic detail, the relationship between Sal Paradise/Kerouac (Sam Riley) and Dean Moriarty/Cassady (Garrett Hedlund) is at the forefront. But so are the other key players, William S. Burroughs (Viggo Mortensen), Ginsberg (Tom Sturridge), LuAnne Henderson (Kristen Stewart), and Carolyn Cassady (Kirsten Dunst).on-the-road-poster Directed by Walter Salles, this love letter to Kerouac could only stand to be bested if someone was to tap Tom Waits (perhaps the last great beat poet) for narration purposes. Alas, this is not the case; but none the less, this film exists and serves as an inspiration and a gateway to the world of Kerouac for the fans and newcomers alike. From the music that inspired, to the events and people who helped shape and provide form to his work, fans of the author will no doubt smile at the absurdity but fantastic nature of it all. Worth your time through and through, On the Road is rated R, because it’s awesome.

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