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26th April
written by Adam

Missy (Amanda Seyfried) is slated to marry Alejandro (Ben Barnes), the adopted son of now divorced Don and Ellie (Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton). As family flies in for the wedding, including brother and sister Jared and Lyla (Topher Grace and Katherine Heigl), family drama and skeletons from the closet are brought out one by one. Of note, Bebe (Susan Sarandon), Don’s new wife is forced to go into hiding to keep up appearances of an intact family for Alejandro’s biological mother (Patricia Rae). As chaos reigns and this comedy of errors spirals further out of control, it’s anyone’s guess if the happy couple will ever make it down the aisle, lest their own in-laws destroy things.image003So we’re dealing with a romantic comedy, not exactly the pinnacle of cinema magic, but wait what’s this? A romantic comedy with some grit in it’s eye and enough saltiness and raunch to keep the audience on their proverbial toes. While the overall concept and storyline is a flat liner, the comedic razor is sharp enough to save this script from certain death, unless you prefer light hearted and clean family fun, in which case Chitty Chitty Bang Bang might be more your speed. More importantly it’s the cast that saves this from becoming total dreck, it’s clear fun was had while putting this together. Not to be taken seriously, but perhaps a dirty little date night flick? The Big Wedding is rated R.

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