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26th April
written by Adam

A burnt out Floor Manager of a Fed Ex branch in Florida (Colin Firth) feels an intense disdain from his ex-wife and son. A failure he decides to fake his death and disappear to Terre Haute as a Golf Pro. To do this will mean changing his identity to an assumed name, Arthur J. Newman. But Arthur has a good soul compass inside, so when he discovers a mysterious woman named Mike (Emily Blunt) strung out on cough syrup, his instinct to help kicks in and the two become fast friends and lovers. Traveling from one city to the next it becomes clear both are running from themselves, but perhaps facing their own transgressions is the only way to become who they really are?image001 Strength in acting from this dynamic duo, Firth and Blunt bring their “A” game to the screen climbing into multiple personas. Giving further sustenance to this meaty but bitter story is Anne Heche who captures the uncomfortable role of Firth’s girlfriend in Florida. Compelling source material keeps the viewer engaged with characters we actually grow to care about, all directed by the enigmatic new comer Dante Ariola. While not this weekend’s biggest and flashiest film, those looking for smart cinema should heed regard for this gem. Arthur Newman is rated R.

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