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31st May
written by Adam

Coming into his own, Joe (Nick Robinson), is a young teen wrestling with hormones, the loss of his mother, a father who’s hurting from the loss of a spouse (Nick Offerman), and the all typical teen angst one can imagine. So, as school comes to a close for the year, Joe and his friends Patrick (Gabriel Basso) and Biaggio (Moises Arias) decide to run away and build a home of their own deep in the woods; they’ll have to fend for themselves, live off the land, let their beards grow and become men. But wait, there’s Kelly (Erin Moriarty), Joe’s love interest, remember teen hormones right? When push comes to shove will the brotherhood be broken, what about the indigenous copperhead snake issue, and how does Biaggio really make such fluffy mashed potatoes in the wild?kingsofsummer Hilariously sharp written dialogue inspires the 14 year old in all men and makes for a must see comedy providing for witty insight to how boys and men deal with love, loss, and personal struggles while the chips are down. Of course a degree of suspension of disbelief needs to be engaged to really let things play out. Needless to say underplayed and dry humor is king, right in Offerman’s wheelhouse, Robinson, Basso, and Arias tee things up nicely delivering the goods line after line, and bit parts from Megan Mullally, Eugene Cordero, and Marc Evan Jackson add just the right amount of spice to bring the laughs home. Intrinsically charming, see this for fun! The Kings of Summer is rated R.

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