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26th July
written by Adam

New Year’s eve 2008 was a magic time for many in the Bay Area; a fresh start, a time to reflect, and a time to make positive resolutions. For 22 year old Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan), the past had been sordid but the future was looking bright, a caring girlfriend (Melonie Diaz), a beautiful daughter (Ariana Neal), and good friends. Sadly, the events at Fruitvale Station on New Years eve 2008 would change all of that. This is Oscar’s story.fruitvale Poetically timed for release with the recent developments regarding the Trayvon Martin case still making headlines, Fruitvale Station serves as another glaring example of racial relations gone wrong in the United States. Written and Directed Ryan Coogler, effective storytelling is at play as strong character study and development fleshes out believable characters. However, it’s clear that some degree of embellishment has taken place in the writing process to illustrate Oscar’s trajectory and recent change in behavior. That aside, the overall artistry, subject material, and raw cinematography makes for what feels like an organic experience and a nicely shaped ensemble piece, let’s not forget Octavia Spencer’s performance, stout. Worth your time for it’s dramatic strength. Fruitvale Station is rated R.

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