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24th December
written by Adam

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), a stockbroker and salesman who could talk you out of your underwear and sell them back to you, The Wolf of Wall Street is the harrowing tale of Jordan’s rise to power and fall from grace when the federal government came knocking. Riddled with sex, drugs, and more sex, it’s hard to see how a hedonist such as Belfort might have any time for government, but pay close attention young Jordan, your fate might still hang in the balance, or does it?wolfy Connecting the darker side of Director Martin Scorsese with his lighter comedic half to create what might be the perfect blend of rockstar and absurdity The Wolf of Wall Street is like a cross country race: A dashing start out of the gates, followed by a slog through several mountain ranges of varying difficulty, followed by a sprint finish that saps any remaining energy– and DiCaprio has the energy and charisma to pull it off. And, big points to all for not shying away from seedy underbelly of Wall Street, cocaine, hookers, corruption, insider trading, warts and all; it’s a sleazy ride that entertains as it informs. And yes kids, remember this is a Scorsese film, that means it’s three hours long, skip that thirsty-two ouncer if you know what’s good for ya! Totally worthy of your time though, The Wolf of Wall Street is rated R.

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