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31st January
written by Adam

Daniel (Miles Teller), and Jason (Zac Efron) are best friends who’ve made an art out of dating and using women; so, when their married and soon to be divorced friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) is down on his luck, the three agree to all remain single, all hail a young man’s 20s! But, just when the three think they’ve got it made, in walks love and the desire for something deeper than just sex– oh conflict. And what of the boy’s ladies, Ellie (Imogen Poots), Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), and Vera (Jessica Lucas)? AwkwardMoment Writer/Director Tom Gormican clearly had fun when coming up with witty dialogue for our heroes, and it’s implied a fair amount of riffing was done on the part of the actors lending to some very funny moments, to that gentlemen, bravo. But sadly, like so many romantic comedies, the crossing of the line and redemption/resolution this go round feels so far derailed any believability is thrown out the window. Still, it’s the overall arc and level of enjoyment that’s worth focusing on here, and, while not terribly quotable, the laugh out loud moments make for a fun escape. Matinee worthy, maybe more, That Awkward Moment is rated R.

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