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28th March
written by Adam

Raised in a farming family that lost its property during the great depression a revolutionary was forged in the fields of the Southwest. Years later that same man would go on to lead the farm workers of California in a general strike against the growers for the right to organize and earn a reasonable salary for an honest day’s work; his name was Cesar Chavez (Michael Peña). Supported by his wife (America Ferrera) and close friend in labor Delores Huerta (Rosario Dawson), this is the story of how the working class gained a step up when the chips were down and hope seemed bleak.cesar Directed by Diego Luna, no stranger to political themes and stories of alienation, this potentially hard hitting and poignant tale sadly comes off soft. While the overall mechanics of the film provide for an interesting history lesson, the story itself is so condensed we’re never really given enough to feel connected to Chavez or his plight. Meanwhile, Peña’s stoic portrayal seems so bland it’s hard to understand the charisma that must have been behind the actual man. Points to John Malkovich for being real, too bad it’s not enough to save the film. Maybe a rental later. Cesar Chavez is rated PG-13.

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