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28th March
written by Adam

An elite force of DEA workers lead by old salt John ‘Breacher’ Wharton (Arnold Schwarzenegger) are faced with the sobering reality that they’re being hunted and killed one by one after stealing from a South American drug cartel. But who’s really responsible for the killings, what’s driving them, and who will live to die another day?Sabotage Known for his honest and real dialogue, Director and co-writer David Ayer seems to get a number of pieces correct in what feels like potentially the bloodiest film of the year. Sadly, as the film devolves into chaos and bloodbath (almost literally) that same honesty falls to pieces, becomes formulaic, and tries way too hard to keep the audience guessing– a film victim of trying to be more interesting than it really is. Overstaying its welcome this awkwardly pared down story seems to drag on about 15 minutes too long. Creativity points for some of the film’s cinematography and there’s something to be said for a director who at least acknowledges that civilians can and do get injured when gun slingers go wild on city streets. Perhaps a matinee for the Arnold fans, but really, think more rental on this one. Sabotage is rated R.

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