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11th April
written by Adam

There once was a time when the British Salsa scene had a king by the name of Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost)– he was a 13 year old dancing phenom with a fire in his heels and snakes in his hips, partnered with his sister Sam (Olivia Colman) and coached by the infamous Ron Parfitt (Ian McShane) the two were unstoppable. Sadly, a tragic bullying incident would eventually shake Bruce to his timbers causing him to leave the dance world in shame. Now, 22 years later a new motivation to dance sparks in an out of shape and self pitying Bruce, his new attractive American Boss, Julia (Rashida Jones). Of course wining Julia’s attention will be difficult while office alpha male, Drew (Chris O’Dowd), is busy thumping his own chest, so, Salsa it will be, but will he even stand a chance?Cuban FuryCo-written by Nick Frost, and Jon Brown, the film’s humor comes fast, furious, and what has the feel of improvisational dialogue. In a recent chat with Nick Frost, the actor/writer had this to say about scripting and improvising on set:

Meanwhile the dancing involved has a sense of genuine panache as well, Nick explains where his Salsa/Cuban Fury comes from:

Light hearted and fun all round, the end result is a date ready film with entertainment on the docket. Mind you, we’re not talking high cinema, but rather a romantic comedy that might just inspire you and your significant other to lace up your dancing shoes and learn to cut up the carpet. Oh and singles, here’s some food for thought on Salsa Lessons, good guys ears up, creepy dudes beware:

Grab a date and go, Cuban Fury is rated R.

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