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30th May
written by Adam

In a time where magic and man walked the earth, not side by side but as estranged neighbors, it would be the love of one man (Sharlto Copley) and a powerful fairy named Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) that could bring the two kingdoms together; but, slowly falling from balance it would be man’s greed and desire for power that would poison the entire land. Scorned and betrayed by her former love, revenge would drive Maleficent’s rage in return giving insight and meaning to the tale of Sleeping Beauty.maleficent Delightfully dark and visually compelling Director Robert Stromberg has created a strange and mildly malformed beast. That is to say while Jolie’s performance is fantastic and the effects around her are top notch, the overall story development of everything else seems pale in comparison. Elle Fanning’s character, Aurora (sleeping beauty), feels severely uncooked, and, two speed pony, Sharlto Copley’s dive into madness comes across as rushed and disjointed. A few questionable snap-zoom editing choices also shake the viewer from the narrative, strange. Nevertheless, clocking in at 97 minutes of runtime, welcome’s are not overstayed and there’s family entertainment value to be found within. Maleficent is rated PG.

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