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25th July
written by Adam

Cranky and cantankerous, real estate tycoon Oren Little (Michael Douglas) is the lion with a thorn in his paw, hardened, selfish, and rubbed raw to what life has thrown at him; but, when his newly discovered granddaughter, Sarah (Sterling Jerins), comes to stay with him for a few months his heart begins to thaw. Helping and guiding the cause is his next door neighbor Leah (Diane Keaton). Still, Oren’s ways are fairly firmly set, how to heal his broken heart and mend ways with his remaining family, is it too late? soitgoes Written by Mark Andrus (As Good As It Gets, Georgia Rule) and Directed by Rob Reiner (Spinal Tap, The Bucket List) And So It Goes stays safely in the known quantity realm/wheelhouse for both and doesn’t challenge either’s talents; the word milquetoast comes to mind. However, for all of it’s simple and predictable blandness there’s still an endearing quality within the performances and chemistry between Douglas and Keaton, sappy love story be darned, a soft and warmhearted smile is still garnered. Plus, a fun performance from Frances Sternhagen adds to the charm factor. So, while it’s not high brow or cinema perfection, there’s still something for fans of the less crass romantic comedy. And So It Goes is rated PG-13.

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