Podcaster Wallace Bryton (Justin Long), a crass and morally challenged individual goes on assignment to Canada to interview the subject of an upcoming cast. But, once in the great white North things turn in a completely different direction when Wallace learns of a new potential subject, a strange and travelled old man named Howard Howe (Michael Parks). Determined to bring Howard’s stories to light Wallace bites off more than he can chew. Now it’s up to girlfriend Ally and co-host Teddy (Genesis Rodriguez, and Haley Joel Osment) and ex-cop Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp) to track down Howard. But what about Wallace, will he have the strength to persevere and stand up to Howard, will he ever be able to cut loose his inner animal rage– it just might save his hide. tusk Originating as a germ of an idea from his own podcast, Tusk is Written and Directed by the moderately twisted and comedic mind of Kevin Smith. That said, dialogue is king, with literary references o’ plenty and dark humor that pokes the horror/suspense genre in the eye repeatedly with a recipe of one part Misery, one part Silence of The Lambs, one part Human Centipede, and one part Wes Anderson. Acting all round is over the top and still spot on. Not a masterpiece by any stretch, but fun none the less. Go ahead, get in touch with your inner 15 year old, laugh at something grizzly, macabre, and inappropriate this weekend. Tusk is rated R.