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19th September
written by Adam

Eight years sober, former NY cop turned private investigator, Matthew Scudder (Liam Neeson) is hired by a high powered drug trafficker (Maurice Compte) to find out who kidnapped and murdered his wife. Step by step with patience and a little luck Scudder just might get close enough to what he’s seeking; but, will he have the smarts, skills and courage to stare down his opponents or will they get the best of him? walkamong Adapted from Lawrence Block’s novel, Screenwriter and Director Scott Frank has created a sufficiently creepy horror story to tell before bed; you know, the unnerving sort of story that sticks with you, the kind of story that reminds you of the evil that humans can commit for power or pleasure, or sometimes both. Throw in cinematography that prey’s upon the psyche, extreme closeups, claustrophobic tight shots, and over the shoulder shaky-cam and you’ve got visuals to un-nerve the calmest cucumbers in the audience. And for casting, coming off of The Grey, Taken 2, and Non-Stop, Neeson’s acting chops for this exact role are perfectly tuned, smart choice. Finally, in the music department, Carlos Rafael Rivera’s haunting and beautiful melodies and cues add just the right amount of ambiance, flavour, and richness to the overall experience. Also of note, Black Hole Sun covered by SWANN featuring Seattlite Nouela Johnston in the film’s credit roll is worth listening to for its dark beauty just the same. Strong weekend option. A Walk Among The Tombstones is rated R.

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