The Boy Next Door

With a marriage on the rocks and a young teenage son to raise, High School Classics teacher, Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez), is a at her weakest moment. But, timing is everything, and new neighbor Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman) is in the right place at the right time to catch and seduce Claire. Driven mad with passion, Noah’s affection for Claire comes on strong and loud but a dangerous breaking point seems imminent. Can Claire appease the demon that is Noah, will she save her family, or will she be silenced and forced to live in a self imposed purgatory?boynextdoor Directed by Rob Cohen, written by Barbara Curry, and produced by Jennifer Lopez this narcissistic “thriller” is not only poorly written, miserably and laughably acted, it’s also horridly edited in what appears to be a cover up for lack of coverage whilst on set. Meanwhile, the film’s overall plot is so telegraphed and anticlimactic, when we finally get to the 91 minute closing sequence, a gasp for fresh air feels mandatory. Not worth your movie dollar, unless you feel like looking at Mystery Science Theater fodder? The Boy Next Door is rated R.