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20th February
written by Adam

Based on the true story of coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), a football coach turned cross country coach in a small California town known as McFarland; this is the story of not only one man’s enlightenment to his new community but a new found respect for the lives of his students, helping them find their potential, and driving them to become championship contenders.McFarland Written by Christopher Cleveland (Glory Road) and directed by Niki Caro, this Disney film has all of the hallmarks of the typical feel good sports story, the underdog that wins the fight; and, by all means that might sound un-appealing, especially considering the relative un-sexy nature of cross country running (as a former cross country runner let me tell you, nothing says sexy like racing up and down hills for miles until you puke, yeah, that happens, more than you’d think). Sex appeal aside, what makes this film interesting and compelling is its heart. Even though we already know exactly where this is going from frame two, Costner’s ability to sell the role as “Coach” is second to none, and, the appeal to the audience to root for the little guy works on an emotional level to the point there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself quietly cheering on the runners, applauding their victories. Textbook inspiration for the whole family, and fairly earned, worthy of your time this weekend, McFarland, USA is rated PG.

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