The Gunman

A former spec ops mercenary, Terrier (Sean Penn), working in the Congo finds himself the target of a mysterious hit squad. Questions loom, who sent the hit and why, who will survive, and what about Terrier’s love interest and inspiration Annie (Jasmine Trinca)?gunman Directed by Pierre Morel and produced by Sean Penn this paint by numbers action flick delivers its payload exactly as prescribed by every other action flick we’ve seen in the last decade messaged with sparse political insight to corruption within Africa and the Congo. Enigmatic in the fact that the sum of the parts all add up to an impressive and talented cast with bit parts from Javier Bardem, Ray Winstone, and Idris Elba; but, left with such an unimaginative scenario, the movie barely stays afloat for its runtime just shy of two hours. Still, if action is your bag, well choreographed fight sequences won’t disappoint. More of a rental The Gunman is rated R.