In another dimension on earth the land of Tomorrowland exists, a place where the world’s greatest minds and artists have converged to create possibilities we haven’t even imagined yet. At the helm of Tomorrowland is Governor Nix (Hugh Laurie), at his side is the insightful and adventuresome android recruiter Athena (Raffey Cassidy). As a result of Athena’s watchful eye Frank Walker (George Clooney/Thomas Robinson) is brought to Tomorrowland only to be exiled years later under great duress. Now, present day, with the help of Athena, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), a young hopeful and thinker is brought to Tomorrowland with the hopes of saving everything that’s been created but it will take the co-operation of Frank to get things right, what if that’s too late? tomorrowland Lots of moving parts in this latest offering from Director Brad Bird. Time periods shift, character storylines jump, new technologies are introduced, and earth’s survival hangs in the balance, that’s a lot to digest; and yet, it somehow all still manages to come together in just a shade over two hours of runtime. Playing out somewhere between The Last Starfighter (1984) and Interstellar (2014), Disney seems to have chosen to back a horse that will handily capture the imagination’s of the 10-12 year age range and not make mom and dad feel too worse for the wear. But, blink and you might just miss something, packaging and explaining this story in a simple elevator pitch might be beyond the reach of the actual product. Still, all the nuts and bolts are here, so, A for effort, it will be interesting to see how and if Disney manages to open the world’s eyes to this film. Worthy of the theater if you’re hauling the right age group with you, otherwise perhaps a rental. Tomorrowland is rate PG.