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23rd July
written by Adam

When the misogynistic host of a cable access show, Mike (Gerard Butler), is hired to do his schtick on a local news morning show, Executive Producer Abby (Katherine Heigl), just about  blows her top. Mike is known for his loveless call it like it is attitude and helping men and women understand each other, Abby is a romantically challenged idealist. All seems well as Mike helps Abby win the man of her dreams on a bet, but what happens when Mike and Abby realize they actually love each other? ugly_truth_ver2An innuendo laden script full of stereotypes takes this film on a predictable course with simple humor and few marks for creativity along the way. Despite the material, Heigl and Butler do manage to pull off a somewhat believable amount of chemistry. Maybe worthy of a rental for a date night somewhere down the road. The Ugly Truth is rated R.

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