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30th July
written by Adam

George Simmons (Adam Sandler) is a wildly popular and successful comedian who doesn’t really seem to have a solid friendship with anyone. When George is diagnosed with a terminal form of Leukemia, the desire to make a real connection with another human being becomes a priority. And, with death on his mind George is depressed and is having a hard time writing jokes, that’s when he hires up and coming comedian Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) to be his assistant, writer, and opening act. As the two end up spending more time with each other a real friendship is born; but, this friendship is challenged as George tries to win back the love of his life Laura (Leslie Mann). Can the two stick it out and will George overcome his battle with cancer? 2009_funny_people_wallpaper_001 Supporting roles from Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman add some color. And, a peek behind the scenes the world of stand up comedy does provide for some interesting material in this semi twist of It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol; unfortunately, many bits and jokes just fall flat and off target. Not perhaps director/writer Judd Apatow’s strongest material to date. The film also feels long clocking in at just under two and a half hours in length. Fans of this modern day comedy troupe might  enjoy this film as a matinee, but really this feels more like a rental in a few months. Funny People is rated R.

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