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14th August
written by Adam

When Beth Buchwald (Rose Byrne) moves into a new apartment she takes interest in her odd but interesting neighbor Adam (Hugh Dancy). As the two begin to orbit each other it becomes apparent to Beth that Adam is quite different than other men, almost aloof, and difficult to grasp. Intrigued, she pushes forward and discovers Adam has Aspberger’s syndrome, a disability on the scale of Autism. Despite the disability the two begin a relationship, challenging and learning from each other, but how will the two manage when Adam is forced to move across the country for work? adam_filmstill1 Adam is the second film written by writer and director Max Mayer and at times does feel a little clunky in it’s message delivery despite Mayer’s best intentions. Fortunately, Dancy and Byrne address their roles artfully, lending to an emotional experience with just enough humor to keep the levity of the film a positive experience. Probably best experienced as a matinee or a rental later, Adam is rated PG-13.

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