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30th October
written by Adam

Having destroyed his promising career as a top chef in France, Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) has since cleaned up his act, paid his penance, and now returned to London to seek redemption, gain three Michelin stars, and assert his culinary dominance. The task will take lessons from past ghosts and new friends to rise to the occasion, but, will his own arrogance and ego allow him to grow as necessary?burnt Star studded, Cooper is accompanied by heavyweights Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl, Omar Sy, Emma Thompson, Uma Thurman, and Alicia Vikander in this overall simple story Directed by John Wells. And, while we’re not given much new to chew on for story arc, at its core, it’s the well thought out and three dimensional character study that breathes the real life into Burnt to keep things interesting, oh, and lets not forget the food porn that runs rampant, sexy! Props to Cooper for incorporating a few bars of Metallica’s Creeping Death at a pivotal scene as well, well played sir, well played indeed! Worthy of a matinee and maybe more for a fun date night, Burnt is rated R.

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