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20th August
written by Adam

Roughly 20 years ago an alien invasion occurred in Johannesburg South Africa. An alien ship came to rest over earth. Nothing happened. The ship appeared to be parked with no signs of life, it just hovered. Months later a team of humans cut into the ship to investigate further only to discover a race of malnourished and sick working caste aliens. With no leadership present, perhaps due to plague, the aliens or “prawns” were moved to earth to live in a government camp known as District 9. Present day, the prawns are about to be moved to a new camp further from humans but troubles arise when Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley), a sympathetic human, comes in contact with alien biotechnology. district-9-poster Brilliant, and impressive in all factors that matter: writing, acting, cinematography, and special effects. District 9 achieves what all sci fi films strive for in its deceptive simplicity– believability rich with allegory. Despite the fact that most films released in August are often considered bottom of the barrel or second rate, this is one not to be missed. Worth seeing in the theatres, District 9 is rated R.

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