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11th December
written by Adam

Based on the 1820 event that would inspire Herman Melville’s tale Moby Dick (Ben Whishaw), an aged Thomas Nickerson (Brendan Gleeson) recounts his story of the great white whale that would hunt down Captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) and First Mate Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) along with the rest of the whaling ship Essex, stranding the crew thousands of miles from home.heartofthesea Directed by Ron Howard, this classic tale is retold with creative cinematography, inspiring and beautiful score, and quality special effects. Sadly, this tale is also appears to have been told without a dialect coach on set, and without a tremendous amount of creativity in the storytelling department, sure it’s a whale of a tale but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly riveting when it needs to be. Still, Howard’s eye has certainly created something beautiful to look at, even if the story itself falls shy of Melville’s classic writings. Perhaps a matinee without the 3D goggles, In the Heart of the Sea is rated PG-13.

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