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25th December
written by Adam

A mother, Joy (Jennifer Lawrence), struggling to keep her entire family afloat, Grandmother, Mother, father, and kids finds the opportunity of a lifetime with her invention of the miracle mop. Through the power of a burgeoning industry, QVC, Joy’s idea catches fire and her life is forever changed.Joy Inspired by the true story of Joy Mangano Director David O. Russell has created a fine companion piece to his previous works Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle having settled onto an ensemble cast that mirrors previous works with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro also adding further support from Édgar Ramírez and Isabella Rossellini; and, while the film is primarily Joy’s story, the rest of the supporting players weigh heavily into the film’s overall success in their true to life nuttiness. Setting up for a strong start and middle act, Joy’s final act is perhaps the weakest point of the film ringing a bit hollow, still the overall takeaway is still smiles and hope. Joy is rated PG-13.

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