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29th April
written by Adam

It’s 1959 and young reporter Ed Meyers (Giovanni Ribisi) is given the chance to visit with his literary idol, Ernest “Papa” Hemingway (Adrian Sparks) at his estate in Cuba. Coached by Papa, his wife Mary (Joely Richardson), and a host of characters/friends who’ve chosen to surround the Hemingways Ed begins to develop his own literary voice. But, in the midst of the Cuban revolution, an investigation by the F.B.I., and personal ghosts, not everything is peaceful in the Hemingway compound. What lessons will Ed learn from his mentor before a full boil is reached? Hemingway Directed by Bob Yari, based on true events, and filmed on location in Cuba this biopic offers a telling reveal on one of America’s great writers of the 20th century, his eccentricities and insight to his creative inspiration. Meanwhile, the carrier for all of this is a simple love/coming of age story which proves to be static and predictable. From an acting standpoint Ribisi is an easy watch, however Sparks’s interpretation of the material feels overacted and one dimensional, not really connecting with his character. From a technical standpoint, the film feels proficient, the end result could easily sit as weekend fodder for the biography channel, just not strong enough to garner attention for you cinema dollar. Papa Hemingway in Cuba is rated R.

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