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29th April
written by Adam

Circling several families and three generations leading up to Mother’s Day, a caricature snapshot of life in 2016 looks at the ails and social complexities for families in our time. mothersday Directed by Garry Marshall (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve), again imbued Marshall style with a star studded cast including heavy hitters such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Garner, John Lovitz, the list goes on. Told in multiple interweaving storylines, again a very Marshall trait, this simple setup and telegraphed film leads the audience down a perfectly milquetoast path with hints of problematic social undertones to create a bland story about family, acceptance, and understanding all tied up with a nice little bow and a few chuckles, end result, meh, you’ll probably forget it a few hours after you watch it, there just isn’t enough nutritional value to this Mother’s Day brunch. Mother’s Day is rated PG-13.

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