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2nd September
written by Adam

Already contemplating a move across the country for his wife’s (Azita Ghanizada) graduate program, already successful Tom (Micheal Shannon), is grilled by family and friends during his own birthday party when mysterious party attendee, Alice (Rachel Weisz), manages to catch his attention. As conversation continues Tom’s understanding of Alice grows in new and unusual ways, yet as her history is retold more and more questions arise. Just who is Alice and who is Tom?completeunknown Directed and partially written by Joshua Marston this twist on lost love and the urge to run off and join the circus successfully examines the human psyche from both the male and female perspective, but in unexpected and somewhat role reversed methodology. Artfully and painfully portrayed by Shannon and Weisz this melodramatic powerhouse will almost beg a second watching to catch all the nuance, even then, the haunting but attractive notions within will still seduce the viewer with the potential of what if? All but for the final scripting device, which feels like a cop out, this is one gem not to miss. Complete Unknown is rated R.

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