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16th September
written by Adam

Set out to discover and document the mysterious disappearance of his sister 15 years previously, James (James Allen McCune) and girlfriend Lisa (Callie Hernandez) along with friends Peter and Ashley (Brandon Scott and Corbin Reid) head into the rumored demonic Black Hills woods of Maryland in search of the truth. Accompanied by locals Lane and Talia (Wes Robinson and Valorie Curry) the group quickly find themselves in for more than they bargained for, could it be the Blair Witch is slowly sealing their fate?blairwitch Written by Simon Barrett and Directed by Adam Wingard, this incredibly tense dark ride achieves maximum effectiveness as its haunting sound design builds its strength in a perfect orchestration and example of how our fears are often best heard and not seen. Meanwhile, forced acting from the ensemble in act one does seem to give way to better form by acts two and three. And, while the found footage concept does seem a bit played out and lacking the punch felt behind the Blair Witch Project from 1999, Wingard’s management and use of varied media sources keeps the film fresh enough in its brisk 89 minute runtime to not overstay its welcome. Looking for a refresher in things that go bump in the night, stop, go no further, this one’s a good solid thump! Blair Witch is rated R.

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