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23rd November
written by Adam

Dateline Mongolia and 13 year old Aisholpan Nurgaiv is about to stir the pot of the eagle hunting community. Traditionally an all male dominated vocation, Aisholpan’s interest and aptitude for eagle hunting is unprecedented, imagine the surprise and reaction culturally upon her rise to the top to become the best.huntress Directed by Otto Bell and receiving the Executive Producer blessing of Morgan Spurlock this endearing, empowering, and inspiring tale sends an overwhelmingly positive feminist message in the face of sexism, ageism, and the close-minded attitudes of a world that’s changing faster than ever. Albeit, sometimes driven by overly convenient plot devices such as a radio announcer’s message, and perhaps in need of a hair more polishing or refinement, none the less the end result is still a warm and well received message, something to be thankful for. The Eagle Huntress is rated G.

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