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23rd December
written by Adam

Separated from his family by misadventure at age five, Saroo (Sunny Pawar, Dev Patel), a boy from West India finds himself over 1,600 miles from home wandering the streets of Calcutta. Orphaned and adopted to a family in Australia Saroo’s life would be changed forever, some 25 years later a call to return to India and find his lost family would come screaming from inside, but finding home and who would be there, big questions that would loom large. Based on a true story and directed by Garth Davis, this tactfully orchestrated heart string puller rings loud and clear for all who’ve ever questioned their belonging, their lot in life, or the fiber of their own origin. Pulling in weighty performances from Nicole Kidman and David Wenham as Saroo’s adoptive parents, and Saroo’s charismatic portrayal by young Sunny Pawar and Dev Patel shows tremendous strength in casting. Thoughtfully composed cinematography and subtle scoring makes for an even stronger film. For those looking to feel something this holiday season, this is your heartfelt winner. Lion is rated PG-13.

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