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25th September
written by Adam

In the not so distant future, advances in robotic technology will allow humans to stay safe at home while their puppeted robotic selfs, known as surrogates, engage each other out in the real world. But when several users of the technology are killed by a mysterious device that can kill surrogates and their owners, it appears that surrogate technology isn’t as safe as thought. This prompts an investigation by FBI agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) who inadvertently discovers a much larger conspiracy at work. Who to trust, who is real, and more importantly who will survive if this new deadly technology winds up in the wrong hands? surrogates As with any science fiction tale, allegory and metaphor are hard at work reflecting our current society and our current social structure. And, while some critics may pan this film for its large plot holes and implausibility, the moral and ethical questions that are raised give pause for thought and reflection. Meanwhile, on a less esoteric level, solid action sequences effectively drive this film as a twisted whodunit plot is unraveled. For sci-fi fans this will provide solid bang for your buck at a matinee. Surrogates is rated PG-13.

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