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21st April
written by Adam

During the last days of the Ottoman Empire and during the first World War, mass genocide would take the lives of thousands of innocent Armenians. Caught in the battle, a young medical student Mikael (Oscar Isaac) finds himself part of a love triangle between U.S. reporter Chris Myers (Christian Bale) and accompanying artist Ana (Charlotte Le Bon). Sorting out the details of the heart, surviving the battle, and escaping a certain death, their road will not be an easy path, who will find themselves free of the Turks persecution?Directed and partially written by Terry George, this historically accurate look to one of the most overlooked genocides in recent history is clearly a story that needs to be told. Unfortunately, rough pacing and almost too many moving parts keep this two hour and twelve minute history lesson obscured with less engagement than deserved; regardless, the ensemble gives a strong attempt at putting the pieces together just the same. Perhaps more suited as a rental later, The Promise is rated PG-13.

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